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Is art for art or for socıety?

For us, art is for everyone and everything. Including industry…

Imagine that art tools are in your company, factory or workplace and that you produce or work with these tools. Wouldn’t it be great fun? So how would you describe the value of the work done with fun? In our opinion, the answer is: Absolutely much SUCCESSFUL and EFFICIENT.

If you want to share this thinking phase with us and listen to our creative ideas, or if you want us to give you more information about it, you can contact us.

dıgıtal academy

In the constantly changing and developing business world; Training is undoubtedly the most important tool you need to improve and change the human resource, which is the most important element of change, and to adapt new theories and practices to your business.

Wouldn’t you like to experience digital trainings that have found their place in the digital age with technological developments today with a difference of W group?

“Digital Academy” will be here very soon with its expert staff and trainers who have obtained control in different business areas.


We Make A Dıfference In Knowledge

We believe that every enterprise should have quality policies and a quality management system for its industry.

This is not just a certification, from the strategies of the company to its goals; It will ensure an efficient and sustainable management.

In terms of systems, the goal and culture of continuous improvement after certification is inevitable. W Group meets your needs such as system installations, process improvement, internal audit and training.

management4 2



As W Group, we come from corporate life and we know what you need: Learning, gaining intellectual knowledge, but also having fun!

Our team and instructors are made up of high-energy people who are the best in their field, coming from the practice, not the theory of the work. For our instructors, being an expert is not enough, it also ensures that the audience is happy and satisfied with its energy and mastery.

The automotıve ındustry

is more than just an industry for us, it is a passion.

We look forward to sharing our achievements, knowledge and energy that we have experienced in many areas of automotive and in different categories of production.

We are at your side with special trainings, special processes, applications with theoretical and practical knowledge, many production areas from part production to mass production, management systems and your efforts to reach your goals.

With the IATF 16949 Automotive Quality Management System, we are at your side with all your needs and officially carry out IATF 16949 Automotive QMS audits on behalf of IATF.