Automotive Professionals - CORPORATE

The Digital Academy for Automotive Professionals is a digital learning platform born from the unique combination of industry and art. It is designed to meet international standards for global automotive markets. It offers users both practical and interactive learning experiences, allowing them to learn about the latest technological developments in the industry and enhance their skills. This academy aims to meet the qualified workforce needs of the automotive sector and facilitate access to job opportunities.

Corporate companies can invest in their employees’ education, develop talent internally, and gain a competitive advantage using this platform. Graduates can compete in the industry by possessing the best knowledge and skills in automotive quality systems, meeting international accepted quality standards, and providing a different perspective. Offering education in multiple languages, this platform provides comprehensive education about automotive to individual and corporate participants.
Moreover, this platform is equipped with an HR development tracking system. With this system, users’ progress in the education process can be tracked and reported in detail. Corporate users can evaluate their employees’ education results and development. This feature facilitates users in achieving their learning goals and helps organizations to conduct their talent management strategies more effectively.

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