W Group serves as your innovative and strategic business partner that makes a difference in the market with its industry and art experiences. Believing that a more enjoyable working environment in the industry will increase productivity, it is committed to developing your business with creative ideas.

Our company, which aims to continuously improve the quality in its works, to make its applicability and success permanent, has expert and experienced teammates in its corporate structure.

W Group, which has a wide network with strategic and commercial collaborations, offers solutions in many areas. We are making alongside our partners for their valuable new or existing businesses to be developed from Germany and European countries, Turkey, Poland, ,Canada and the United States.

At the same time, as an R&D company, it is currently developing 4 software projects. These aim to put in the market as DG Work®, DG Quality® and DG Supply® and DG Key®.

Our business partners, investing in Turkey’s market, we have dominance in the direction of expansion and growth goals, and we are able to answer all your needs with our extensive network.

Training and Consulting Services are provided from in general automotive to defense industry, chemistry, food, logistics of fuel and waste transport sector and non-governmental organizations by adopting a project management approach according to needs and improvements by W Group.



Based on the fact that visual interaction is the most important communication option of our day, W Group, which produces content in this field, designs creative systems at professional level.

Our organization, which has gained 100% satisfaction from its esteemed customers, with which we have been working continuously for many years, is currently working on the implementation of many projects.

The most important feature of W Group that makes a difference in the sector is to unite teams of right and left brains, that is, analytical thinkers and art creators, under the same roof to bring art to the industry and produce projects together. All creative projects are carefully created by professionals in the “Art Production Factory”.

Management Consultancy


As a result of the extraordinary changes in recent years, the world has shrunk and has become the only market. All kinds of products are produced and consumed in different parts of the world. This has brought global production, global consumption and global competition. The same products are produced and consumed in many different countries. Millions of companies in different countries became each other’s competitors.
The world is changing rapidly, managers who can see this change and keep up with it, prepare their organizations for this change and gain an advantage in this global competition.

Organizations to compete in such a world;

  • It should produce the quality desired by the customer and more importantly, it should ensure the continuity of quality.
  • It must produce at a competitive cost.
  • It should deliver to the market on time.
Audit and Assurance


Auditing is defined as the on-site verification activity, such as inspection or examination, of a process or quality system, to ensure compliance to requirements. An audit can apply to an entire organization or might be specific to a function, process, or production step. Some audits have special administrative objectives, such as auditing documents, risk, or performance, or following up on completed corrective actions.

W Group provides all types of audits except certification in all industries and companies in the best way for continious improvement and optimization.



Additionally, your organization needs to be able to deliver quality services and products in a reliable and sustainable manner to maintain and increase its market share. At W Group, we know that quality management is a continuous process, involving implementation, maintenance and improvement. Whatever your sector or industry, your business will benefit from a quality management system that brings you into line with international standards.

All participants attending our trainings will be awarded a course attendance or achievement certificate by the W Group.



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