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One of the most effective ways to gain brand awareness in digital and social media is a company corporate video. Indtroduction films play a major role in your brand’s adoption and recognition by the target audience. The W group opens the door with the most creative ideas for your company to increase its prestige in the business and digital world. We offer solutions that add value to your brand with our team. We carefully create your company’s corporate film with the highest quality methods and various techniques.



How would you like to let your visitors watch a v,deo as they enter the campus area? Your visitors quickly learn how to behave in campus area during their visit. Feel the confidence of being a great company you are visiting. The company avoids the risks that may arise from visitors.

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One of the most effective ways to highlight your product among other companies is product advertising films in markets where competition is high. Visual support of products to convey their properties in catchy ways takes your product one step further to appeal to potential customers. W Group aims to increase awareness by revealing the most striking features of the products. The product promotional films we produce by our creative team are completed by shooting, editing and producing the original scenarios prepared for the features of the product after the company’s approval based on customer satisfaction.



We offer to choose the most suitable parts for your company by selecting and combining the sections you prefer among the package selections we have created in our production services. You can choose from the scenario of your video/film to the methods used in shooting and editing. Thus, you can work freely without any restrictions in your preferences with W Group.




We promise you a paradise of short films and TV series to help company employees spend their breaks more efficiently and to increase their business potential. We shoot videos on all subjects you set to motivate your employees or to make them spend their rest time more efficiently. We are constantly making a series in line with the firm’s briefs. We create a channel that belongs only to your company, offering a wide portfolio from work safety, rules, current issues to educational information.



Consider your informing tools for your employees. W Group promises to expand the limits of imagination. While informing our employees, we make it possible for you to both entertain and rest. While we make in-house radio broadcasting programs, informing your employees about the developing situations, we also make music programs. We are not limited to this, we even organize product or institution promotion programs for your customers. We are preparing a radio program of your company in order to offer you a more efficient and active working environment.

Radio Advertisement


With your ads running in national or local radio station W Group’s creativity is at hand that makes a difference. We write the most original slogans, record sound with our lively voice and make sound editing with the best quality music. While making your voice reach millions, we aim to stand out from the competition in the industry and draw attention to you.

Presentation Support Videos


We support a corporate presentation, training presentations or reports with videos to highlight the subject. The objective of video presentations is to impress the audience by engaging them in the subject. W Group analyzes briefs from brands with its Professional creative team. Thus, creative, high quality and objectiveful video presentations are created.

Work Safety


The rules that should be included in the film are determined after the discovery by our occupational safety team before the occupational safety, environment and worker health productions. The script of the work safety movie is written by the copywriters in order to explain the rules in the most fluent and effective way. The cast is determined according to your company’s preferences. The post-production and editing of the work safety film is supported with 2D and 3D animation content, making the expression effective and fluent.