Creatıve Content That Supports Human Resources

Creatıve Content That Supports Human Resources

theater at work2

Theater at Work

Setting out with the slogan “life is a theater”; We bring the lives lived in the depths of the business world to the theater stage. We create awareness with the talented cast of W Group, sometimes to make you think and sometimes laugh. We take your employees away from work stress with games prepared by professional hands. We bring art to your business by producing scenarios containing social messages from the ethical rules of the business world to occupational safety issues.

Theater Work Safety

Theater Work Safety

Ensuring the occupational health and safety, training of personnel, procurement of materials and protective security measures taken in the field, most of the time can be perceived as a chain of rigid rules. Our goal is to change the perspectives of employees’ individual perspectives on job security and ensure that they view themselves objectively. Thus, occupational safety awareness is created on the employees. In our interactive show that we will prepare for your company, a scenario will be created based on “behavioral occupational safety culture” in order to internalize this awareness interactively.


Orıentatıon Welcome Vıdeo

The years pass quickly, you have worked with all your efforts in the career steps of your company, but when you look back, remember the days you first started. There may be adaptation problems after employment. You are preparing orientation programs to eliminate this situation. Well, wouldn’t you like to welcome your new employees in their first days, creating a sense of trust in them? We make the first impression of the new staff on the company more impressive. In this way, we help your new employees start the adaptation process with great motivation.


Creatıve Educatıonal Presentatıons

Sometimes trainings are given to improve your employees and adapt them to the ever-changing system. It is one of the biggest wishes of companies to be open to self-improvement of your employees and to increase their willingness to participate in these trainings. No matter how good the quality of the training is, keeping the employee’s interest alive is a distinct virtue. By using creative techniques with W Group’s skilled team, your presentations will improve, your employees’ interest in training will increase and they will benefit more from what they have learned.


Socıal Responsıbılıty Specıal Publıcatıons

One of the contributions of various companies to make the world a better place is social responsibility projects. For this, big companies take responsibility with sincere and creative ideas. We produce original and expressive content by shooting social responsibility films that are specific to your business only. Thus, your company also has a share in the steps taken for a better future.


Motıvatıon Vıdeos

Visual and auditory communication is at the core of employee motivation. It is also confirmed by the experts that after watching the videos containing motivational elements, the employees cling more tightly to their work and goals. Our expertise will be the biggest supporter of your company in this regard. We produce motivation enhancement films to increase employees’ sense of belonging and reduce work stress.


Dıgıtal Traınıng Contents Broadcast

As the W Group team, we prepare digital training contents using technology to ensure that your company’s employees show higher performance, support continuous training and development, and make all trainings accessible anywhere and anytime. In this way, employees can access training more easily, while at the same time they experience a pleasant and interactive learning process.


Competıtıon Programs

Would you like to make your companies an interactive place for your employees? We have an idea that will increase the motivation of your employees who are tired of the pace of work and make them enjoy more in the work environment: We organize competition programs for your employees! We implement competitions and games, which are prepared to improve both current issues and business knowledge, in the presence of a moderator.


Code of ethıcs Movıe

Each company determines the ethics and principles within the framework of respect and order to have a better working environment. They want employees to assimilate and implement these rules. As the W Group team, we intervene at this point, because we aim to ensure that your employees adopt your ethical rules by using the possibilities of visuality and audio. We create scenarios of the in-house order and rules and turn them into short films with our skilled team.


Formıng Socıal Clubs

We move your company beyond just being a working environment. In order to increase the sense of belonging of your employees, we aim to give a sense of home and sometimes socialization. Thanks to the social development opportunities created for your employees, it increases their potential in their work.