Art and Desıgn

Art and Desıgn


Logo and Corporate Identıty Desıgn

The product is the signature of the brand. No matter how good your product is, corporate identity promotes your product and increases its recognition in the industry and reflects its appearance. corporate identity should not be viewed just like a logo. Your company’s prestige is created by visual identity. While the professional team of W Group makes your corporate identity designs, it is based on conveying the image of your company with original visual materials in the best way. It increases your reputation in the sector with the principle of quality and reliability.


Poster And Bıllboard Desıgn

Posters and billboards are one of the most rooted products of promotion and advertising. Posters are used in many areas from art events to product promotion. Billboards fed by visual memories are more preferred than many advertising materials with their memorable effect. The golden rule for posters starts with being creative and different. Our job is to use motivating and engaging creative ideas for companies to put their products ahead of their competitors. Our works based on simplicity have high readability and distinctiveness. We make a difference on posters and billboards with visuals and slogans that can express themselves in seconds.


Catalog Desıgn

Catalog design plays a major role in marketing works to promote a product or service. It acts as an intermediary to present the corporate identity of your company and leave a positive impact in your customers’ memories. Thus, a link is established between the customer and the company. As W Group, we ensure the simplicity, catchy and harmony between catalog designs and brand identity with all our professionalism. We reflect the style of your company and the message you want to be given, by thinking carefully about every detail, from catalog cover and page designs to fonts and images.


Magazıne Desıgn

Would you like to make a difference with your magazine design? he way to make a big impact in the industry is through striking and original magazine designs. By ensuring harmony between images and texts, ideas supported by images should be transferred to text simply. Especially font sizes, colors, fonts should be chosen carefully to reflect the emphasis. Our team works creatively and gracefully on every magazine page, using the right texts, images and professional graphics programs.


Mascot Desıgn

Imagine a special mascot design for your company. How does the idea of using animations of this mascot in digital fields such as all movies, websites, and catalogs sounds? Here, we prepare this impressive service with our very convenient and tailored service. You will make a difference in your promotions with the character we have prepared professionally using techniques such as 2D illustration and 3D modeling.

mascot ani

Mascot Anımatıon

Markaların artık şirket adı olmayıp, bireyler olarak görüldüğü bir çağda yaşıyoruz. Maskotlar, şirketinizi canlı kılar ve hedef kitle arasında bir bağ oluşturur. Animasyonlu maskot tasarımlarını benimseyerek müşterilerin ürünlere olan ilgisini artırmak ister misiniz? Cevabınız evet ise, müşterilerinizin size ve ürüne olan bağını güçlendirmek ve daha akılda kalıcı tekniklerle sektördeki yerinizi güçlendirmek için profesyonel animasyon teknikleri ile maskotlar oluşturuyor ve onları canlandırarak markanızı yaşatıyoruz. [ / vc_column_text] [/ vc_column_inner] [/ vc_row_inner] [/ vc_column] [/ vc_row]