Algan Alper Şen

Algan Alper Şen has a career with many years of experience in the automotive sector. He began his educational journey as a Mechanical Engineer, followed by a Master’s in Automotive Engineering and an MBA, gaining significant experience in the sector and becoming an effective leader in quality management, project management, and strategic planning. This is a result of his comprehensive knowledge and a unique perspective on production processes.

He has contributed significantly to raising quality standards in the sector by taking responsibility for conducting international quality audits and training personnel. Currently, he serves as an auditor for IATF 16949 (International Automotive Task Force), a limited number worldwide. He also provides management consulting on quality systems and organizes trainings for leading companies in the sector.

In an era of rapid technological evolution, Şen has successfully adapted numerous digital transformation programs to his companies, gaining a competitive edge. His education in Vehicle Technology and Automotive Engineering, combined with his industry experience, has advanced company processes towards a more open-ended development.

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