Wgroup GmbH

The establishment of Wgroup GmbH began in 2015 as an initiative of TÜV Süd’s business development and has today transformed into a success recognized globally. Formed through the strategic merger of SAS engineering and software company with Work Academy and Work Production companies, Wgroup GmbH has attained a leading position in the automotive industry. This merger has laid the foundation for the company’s capacity to develop innovative solutions tailored to the industry’s needs.
Our founding partners, Sibel Kaya and Algan Alper Şen, embody the spirit of creativity and analytical thinking upon which the company is built. The combination of Kaya’s conservatory education and Şen’s background in automotive and engineering has laid the groundwork for a work environment where creative and analytical intelligence work in harmony to achieve success.
Positioned as a thought leader in audit, consultancy, quality process management, digital academy, and software development within the automotive industry, Wgroup GmbH offers consulting and auditing services in more than 40 countries, primarily in America and Europe, thereby generating innovative digital solutions specific to the sector. These extensive activities demonstrate the company’s ability to accurately identify customer needs and develop appropriate solutions.
Among our future strategies, investments in part production in response to the evolving needs of the automotive industry take priority. In this context, emphasizing research and development (R&D) activities for the development of critical connection parts for electric vehicles is a significant step in reinforcing our company’s innovation and development-oriented approach. This strategic initiative reflects Wgroup GmbH’s determination to lead technological innovations and aims to elevate our capacity to offer innovative solutions in the automotive sector to a higher level. This investment also demonstrates our long-term commitment to meeting the global demand for sustainable and eco-friendly automotive technologies.
At the heart of Wgroup GmbH’s success lies the synergy between creativity and analytical intelligence, a global vision, and the desire to develop solutions specific to the industry. The company aims not only to provide products and services but also to shape the future of the automotive sector by sharing the knowledge and experience it has gained.
The history of Wgroup GmbH highlights that a continuous commitment to innovation and quality standards forms the cornerstone of sustainable success in the automotive industry.